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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

"The Temple of the Sun"

Since I was a little boy, I knew quite a few things about the Incas and the way things looked like in these far away countries where they lived. Countries where the magnificent Condors nested on cliff-tops and the Amazon River made shapes and volumes on the slopes, coming down the valleys of the Great Andes Mountains. Tintin as the guide of all my dreams, my spiritual travel agent. I Guess you know that young reporter from Belgium, always accompanied by his little white dog called "Milou" a great adventurer. If you don't know him, just get to the nearest bookshop and go to the Cartoon dept. and ask for the Tintin Collection. Buy the "Temple of the Sun" album. Read it and join us here. This way, I don't have the task of picturing for you the kind of atmosphere and aura that envelops and surrounds these incredible valleys.

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