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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Coming into Lima following the misty coast of the Pacific.

The flight wasn't long before we reached the Pacific Coast again, coming from the inland desert and Nazca. We flew at 6000 feet all the way to Pisco, a town on the coast. The radio contacts were fine with the different operators we had to deal with along the route. Arriving at the beaches is always a "refreshing " moment when cruising aboard microlights. The Grand Blue stretching as far as you can look, the good winds blowing regular and smooth, reassuring weather.The coast got much more "friendly" in the last few days. More Playas (beaches) to put down our wheels in case the engine packs up, less cliffs and scary sharp reliefs where angry waves crash and explode in billions drops.

Peru has only one Ultralight club, situated 50 km South of Lima at San Bartolo. And that is where we naturally flew. 20 enthusiastic flyers were waiting for us there, 2 of them in the air looking for us aboard their 3 axis machines. Nearby, a dozen paratroopers were jumping from a large Russian military airplane, operating from the
army base 10-km further north.

We were the first trikes to land in this club and probably he first ever to visit Peru. The Welcome was really fantastic and warm. From the air, passing low over the field, I could spot Huenu Solsona, her smile and blond hair floating in the wind. I turned short final and landed. Felipe Solsona her father was there, and surprisingly he looked almost the way I pictured him in my imagination, from our previous telephone calls - friendly, charming and an ultra-active type of man. The president of the Club was there too, Mr. Jorge ZEGARRA, ex General and army number One in Peru in the 80's. We met the guy who actually made everything smooth and clear with the customs in Tacna: Guido FERNANDEZ LAŅAS, ex airline pilot and now actual instructor, and supervisor for Peruvian CAA. Without his great help, Mike and I, might still be in Tacna fighting with customs..There are no trike microlights. The club of San Bartolo has about 20 machines, all three axis and in good condition. The Clubhouse and hangars are well maintained. There are 2 runways, one facing the Ocean. Brilliant place, and a very friendly bunch of passionate pilots. All very humble and simple as usual in South America.

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