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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

"The toys stay on the Coast"

We left our flying tricycles in San Bartolo for a few days and climbed into one of the few 727 Boeings still in service in Peru. Huenu Solsona decided to come with us. "Aero Continente" is the last airline to survive economic disasters and bad management in Peru. They were 6 companies in the past. Even Aero Peru the national air carrier vanished last year, following a disastrous time with lots of obscure money games. The flight to Cusco, the ancient Inca capital, lasted a little more than an hour. Hostesses were smiling and the flight was without the slightest turbulence. We reached Cusco a little before midday and could immediately feel the altitude. In an hour we went from level 0 to level 10'000 feet (3300 m). Quite a shock for the organism that instantly starts its duties and uses an incredible effort to acclimatize with this new aggressive environment. Building up red blood cells at high speed. The sun was shining through the large cumulus, and the air was fresh and pure. 'Where are the Incas?' was my first thought.

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