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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

The Atacama Desert.

Bad news from Europe.. People seem to fight there for some obscure reasons as always. What the f… is going on with us? And why did I buy the Time magazine..? Too curious as always.. I really wonder if one day ever we will be able to make this planet a peaceful world for thousands of centuries.. I deeply doubt it. 

Mike has been very brave in writing every day something. My mind is blown up by the intense life I'm having now and I feel quite useless behind that computer's keyboard.

This morning, I went back to the Sahara, 15 years ago. South of Algeria, somewhere. The Land Rovers replaced by two strange flying tricycles at the foot of the dunes. I really felt we were somewhere in the deep south of Algeria between Tamanrasset and Borj Moktar.. Magic desert.. Yesterday we decided to escape to the Atacama and spent a night under the stars.

Peru has given the permit to enter their territory via BaseOps that who did a real good effort for us as in 1995. Our next "cultural" stop will be the Nazca site where Incas drew mysterious lines on the desert ground. And the only way to actually see these giant drawings is by the air. Lucky us, we have the perfect tools….




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