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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure


Swiss Ambassador Mr. Hans Peter Erismann came to meet us at Eulogio Sanchez airport after we landed from a short and serene flight from the Pacific coast. That flight to the capital city was extremely enjoyable with an incredible view over the high peaks of the Andes and Aconcagua summit. The weather definitely improved as we moved north. Mr. Erismann the pleasant and most enthusiastic man was the Swiss Ambassador in Kenya in 1995 when we flew across Africa and Europe during our previous expedition. We met him there in May 95. The same evening we were invited to join a party at the Swiss embassy's Residence were we had the best meal since we arrived in South America. But what made the evening extra special was that Jazz session at the Santiago Jazz Club. An incredible band was performing old songs from Louisiana.

We spent a few days in Santiago with some new girls and boys having fun and parties. But the city stinks with fumes. Let's go to the wild…

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