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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Escaping the moody 40's...

It is time for us to escape the coming winter of this harsh part of the world. The bad weather and cold are definitely coming and fast. Thanks to "The North Face", we never suffered from discomfort during flights, and our nights outside were all but 1st class.

We are very glad that we could have had a touch on Patagonia's Wild & Magic during this expedition even if it was a slight one. Patagonia is one of these very special places in the world where senses and feelings get disturbed and surprised.  

Tail winds are helping us to get out of the 40 "weather crazy" latitude. Today, we speed up over the Pacific coast and get near to Concepcion on that first day in Chile. I had one of my most scary landings ever when coming in to land 10 km inshore on that small airfield of Los Pehuenches surrounded by a pine forest. The tiny band of grey asphalt was coming up very slow. The control bar jerking in and out. The red wind sock at the end of the strip going in all directions. Mike shouted in the radio that I should consider that landing as a "class 5 landing".. Lucky him, he was already taxiing safely back track on the ground, watching my tortuous approach. I put all my rage and survival skills on those extreme seconds. Landing trikes sometimes can become a perilous mission..

- Be prepared and strong! It is very turbulent says Mike in the radio. The forest around seemed to be dancing, the treetops waving, like a green undulating blanket. A scary sight when you are in a trike microlight above this… 



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