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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

5 countries in one day!

On that Monday 7th of June we achieved our longest flying day since Argentina, covering 650 kilometres. Because the days are pretty short here (sun gets to sleep at 6.15 pm) we started very early. We packed the tent and accessories as the sun came up. The sky was looking bright & blue in the Northwest, across the Golf de Fonseca, where Honduras has a tiny access to the Pacific. We did not ask any permission from Honduras and just went across over the water to El Salvador on the other side. We heard from pilots that Honduras can have a tough attitude towards foreign planes coming into its airspace and we did not want o be asked to land in Tegucigalpa, the capital, and face any nerve-wrecking bureaucracy. We carefully try to avoid these guys and stay away from their limited views, as much as we can.

We donned the life jackets before taking off and climbed to 6000 feet (1500 m) over the Gulf. The crossing was not so long, about 40 km, but we had to get used to the idea of being over open water again. I could relax after a short time, taking my mind away from the worrying thoughts, looking at the wonderful scenery to the East, where Honduras starts. The colours were unreal over the small islands and volcanoes on the far end of the picture. I took more shots with the 2 Nikons hanging around my neck and soon realised that the other side of the bay was almost under our wings.


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