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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

The warmest night at the foot of a volcano..

We took off again and flew another 200 km up the coast and landed at the northern most point of Nicaragua at the foot of the Cosiguina Volcano. The light was astonishing at this time of the day, just before sunset. We flew along the high cliffs that surround the conical mountain and took some pictures before touching the ground on an abandoned airstrip near a farm. Kids were already running to us before our engines had stopped. After the rich Nicaraguans we met a few hours before we were to meet the poor ones now. But these genuine little guys seemed as happy as the party bunch. That night became the warmest we had so far. Suddenly attacked by millions of black flying bugs (never see these guys before..) we had to set a tent in a hurry. But the temperature inside was quite unbearable. After an hour of mind work, to accept the hot and humid atmosphere, we eventually managed to fall asleep like rocks.


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