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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Sunday party at a beach in Nicaragua

We entered Nicaragua with an overflight permit only but landed somewhere on a beach near some pretty looking villas. The weather ahead of us looked a little dark and humid. I decided to land first. It was Sunday at noontime and the beach was quite busy with people swimming and others racing around with quads. We landed on the wet part of the beach where the sand is harder. Some friendly-acting people came out from one of the villas to meet us. One of them was filming us with a video camera as we took our helmets and warm gear off. Those people were the very first Nicaraguan I had encountered in my life and they actually looked quite fun at first glance. A few of them had a glass in hand with yellowish liquid in. Nothing like coke or lemonade. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves to pieces. And our sudden arrival from the sky seemed to even upgrade their fun a little more. That landing became another great stop we had during the trip. We were cheerfully invited by the owners of the house, Sandra and Carlos Schutze to join their friends and afternoon party. I had a couple of Mexican beers while Mike tested the Nicaraguan Rum. Excellent quality by the way!


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