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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Hell in Dolby Digital and Panavision Colour..

The forbidden Drugs always have good attractive names when you think about it. Well, it does sing to me.. Cocaine, Morphine, Marijuana, and especially "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", also very much so.. The legal drugs in opposition do not have such sexy appellations: Marlboro, Martini.. I did not really care how bad the thing could be for me. I did not care anyway. I had to get rid of this sharp pain at any price, kick out the phantom that had been forcing the screwdriver into my head for days. I carefully pushed the colourful pill through the fine aluminium cover, crawled to the bathroom and swallowed it rapidly with a glass of lukewarm water. I waited for the sweet wave of relief to overwhelm and comfort me. But I felt asleep before remembering anything else.


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