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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

On night 3, I broke the Sacred Rule and opened the Forbidden Bag!!

Sh*t! What is going on!! The pain gets worst again. I have a burning nail turning in my ear. I thought about waking up Mike, who sleeps in the neighbour chalet, but decided not to after all.. Pain is the most personal thing in life. Human beings can share Love and pleasure but not the pain.. Big Mistake from the Creator, excuse me!! A fair God would have given us the possibility to share the physical distress, the stupid physical pain. I was about to start calling my dear mother when suddenly I thought of the Survival bag, remembering that there was some ultimate magic stuff in it. The things to be used when everything turns into disaster. When eventually the two faithful Rotax 912S's decide to stop over the jungle or rocky mountains.. I just got the idea that the only thing that could bring me peace and rest would be a revolver, or some Heroin. But still far from willing to end my life in Costa Rica I left the pistol in its leather holster and searched for the smooth alternative, and found it! There it is! I spotted the dark purple MST tablets. I was about to try something I had never tried before: Morphine!


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