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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Day 4 was great but…

 ..my ear was still knocking and I had to do something more than playing "cat & mouse" with the pain. For two days I had taken lots of purple tablets and started to think that I should perhaps get that ear fixed properly instead of getting stoned. Everyday, Mike was patiently waiting, reading books in the hammock and I was just feeling satisfied to fly and glide over the clouds the whole day, looking at my pain from outside without feeling more than an itch. I felt it was time to react! On the following morning early, I asked Mike to fly me to the capital. It was an amusing feeling to ask him that. He smiled as always and agreed on the idea, pulling out of bed slowly. It was earlier than 6 am and the world was looking funny and bright. I had more purple during the night when the pain woke me up, and I was still bloody high that morning. The birds were singing right again and I went to my room to prepare the flight, amused and excited to get airborne even a little more.. Actually asking Mike to fly me to the city 250 km away was like an early morning caprice from a multi-millionaire who suddenly decides to call his pilot and orders him to get the Lear Jet ready to fly to Miami for shopping. But my Pilot was my friend, the aircraft a funny yellow flying motorbike, and my spirit was somewhere in Tibet soaring very high. I felt like an happy Condor (although there are no such birds in the Himalayas..) sort of… But somehow, I could not fly on my own, needed another crazy bird to shake my wings.


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