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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

l'Oreille Cassee - The Broken Ear!

Sunday arrived very fast and it was time to bring everyone to San Jose. All our German friends from the Croco Lodge and Nancy had to fly back to Europe. I started to feel my right ear itching. I immediately knew that this would mean painful days aheadů Miseria!! The terrifying process was engaged. The Otitis number 32 was on its growing stage. I rushed to the medical bag lying down with the tools in the hangar. Maybe this time I would be able to kill the monster before he gets me real bad. I swallowed a "massive attack" of antibiotics.

We all left the camp for a 6 hours drive to San Jose, squeezing into the Land Cruiser. My ear rapidly got worst. Gosh! I got it again. Every 3 or 5 years I have a problem with my ears after diving in pools. But I swear to God, this time is the very last time. I will always use wax or ear plugs. 


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