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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Mike's trike is in pieces!!!

The whole week went on fantastic. But one morning I surprised Mike starting to dismantle his trike at an impressive speed.. Was he suddenly getting mentally insane?!? The panorama in the work shop looked like one of these monster maintenance aircraft overhauls when dozens of mechanics take everything apart, from wings to engines, examining each bolt and nut. But Mike was alone and his way of proceeding did not look exactly as organised as an airline process. But Mike has always a good reason to do something radical like this even if it sometimes looks pretty terrifying to me.. So I totally agreed with that reconstruction act and went back to the swimming pool..

I later decided to inspect the Voyageur as well and allowed a quarter of a day to the action. I found something very scary! The four plugs on the right side of the engine where loose!! I could have lost one of them and lost a cylinder. Someone in Cali cleaned our plugs and probably forgot to tie up one side.. I should have checked it anyway, my fault. Fortunately, all went fine.. But when I think of all the dangerous places we flew over and especially the water, I have a cold shiver down my back..


Life is great!

So great!!


La vie est belle!

Si belle!!


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