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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Please! No f*..ing Birkenstock!!

We help everyone to check in their planes. San Jose airport is crowded with mainly German tourists. They are easy to identify usually. Look at their feet and you will know. They often travel in groups and you will always find one in the group that wears "Birkenstock" sandals!!! ARGL!!! These things immediately turn me off. Bring me Claudia S. wearing these shoes, and I will be totally useless… Sorry.. For the ones that wonder what Birkenstock sandals are, let me describe it rapido before I feel sick.. They are open shoes that look totally unsexy (even with black stockings, suspenders with broderies and painted nails..).. They were designed for fat & bushy-bearded monks hiding in mountainous monasteries I guess, but the Green Eco political parties of Western Europe adopted them in the late seventies to equip and make recognisable their own "troops". The abominable sandal became a fashion after all and now you can even see yuppies wearing these things driving convertible red Porsches.. There are probably people on Earth that fantasise about making love with these things.. Unbelievable.. I know someone that will laugh his head off reading these lines, my friend Andre Sacoun in Geneva. Last year in Africa, the Renegade dared to come on Safari with some similar sandals and - Mother of all atrocities - wore them with SOCKS!! That is the real Killer! The ugly things with Socks is the supreme outrage!!! So please don't buy me Birkenstocks for my Birthday (11th November by the way..), I would not be too delighted.

Then, we said Goodbye to Nancy and the Crocodile team, and drove back to the coast. We soon realised that this 250 km trip, actually taxi–ing all the way, became the most dangerous leg since Buenos Aires.. I counted over 1200 air misses during that return drive.


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