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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

I decided that it was about time I had a shave.

After breakfast and a quick swim, I took the small Landcruiser and headed off to Samara. I was determined to find someone with a computer and an internet connection, so that I could read our mail and answer some of the more important stuff and most importantly, send an update for the page.

I went to just about every hotel in Samara many had an Internet connection but would not let me use it. It was interesting for me to discover that almost all the foreigners in Samara are German, Ja. Well, you know the Germans are a tough lot, (what can I say) especially as it's low season and their hotels are just about empty.

Eventually, I found a hotel run by an Italian and he said OK. Whew! But then after about 5 minutes he saw the e-mails I had and I still wanted to download (and I also wanted to print Olivier's mail) and so this Italian did an abrupt about face and told me that was enough, no payment, just go!

I had a look at my face in the mirror of the truck and decided that it was about time I had a shave. Yes, I am now convinced that I have some black blood in me how else would I get so dark, so quickly. Also, Charmaine says I look old with long hair, and is worried that the microlight groupies will not like me much, so Olivier has agreed to cut my hair in the next few days. If it's a bad job, I will send a pic to the web site.

Back at base, Olivier was still in great pain. There is nothing that I could do as he already has medicine from a local doctor.

Olivier's great friend, Andre, a specialist doctor, called from Switzerland and he told Olivier what to do and what he should take for the infection. Apparently the local doctor used an outdated syringe method to flush out Olivier's ear that went out of fashion with the Great Plague.

I read parts of a book for a while, but found that the author's experiences with hallucinatory drugs so crazy that I fell asleep.

After supper a quick smoke (what?) and off to dreamland. The days seem so much longer when you are not very busy.  We are both desperate to move on, but cannot until Olivier is at least well enough to fly.


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