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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Olivier hardly slept the whole night...

Olivier hardly slept the whole night. At one point, apparently, he felt like he was having a heart attack probably a reaction from all the medicines and painkillers he took at the same time. At about 12 noon he went off with the neighbour to see a doctor in Nicoye.

I have slowed down from resting so much for the last week, that I had only enough energy to read a book. It was a great book about some Mexicans trying to find a new life in the USA called the Tortilla Curtain.

I also tanned a bit. Heyyyy!

Slow day, early night.

I made a bit of a study of the sh*ts (remember the little bugs that bite me). Well, I cannot actually see them in flight, and cannot see them land on my skin, until they bite. Then, that is the big give-away as to where they are exactly  and I quite simply just smack that part of my body, quite hard, and then try to find a little black and usually flat spot. And there it will be. Dead! F*cker! Yes, I think I'm going to change my name for them.

I'm sorry not to report more action, but this is our rest period after all.


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