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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

So, our schedule is now a bit behind.

Olivier woke me this morning at 5 am to say that he again had not slept for most the night and that his ear was driving him crazy and that he would like to get to San Jose to see a specialist.

OK, after a quick breakfast I filed a flight plan for San Jose, Pavas airport. I then called Sergio, the president of the microlight association in Costa Rica and asked him if he could find a good ear, nose and throat specialist for Olivier.

We filled Olivier's trike and after packing the basics, took off at about 7:30 am. The weather was great, good visibility and the clouds not too big yet. It was an interesting experience, flying Olivier's trike - to see what my fellow traveller has to deal with. Well, here are my findings… Firstly, his wing is generally slightly lighter to handle - especially in pitch, but at low speeds and at high speeds it has quite a strong turn. The trick is to manage the GPS, radio and map work while in cruise and there is no turn. It's a very nice-feeling, solid trike. The wing will be good once the turn is sorted out with the adjustment kit, being posted to us. Somehow, Olivier's trike feels like it climbs better than mine, but maybe its just a perception. I must admit I enjoy having the fairing on my trike as I have so much equipment at my fingertips sitting inside the fairing just below my legs.

After a 1 hour 40 minute flight we landed at Pavas airport, San Jose. There was Sergio to meet us and take us to town and this Internet cafe. Olivier went off to the doc and returned an hour later to say that he had new medicine, that the infection was bad and that although the pain would go in about 2 days the infection would only go in about 10 days. I had an opportunity to catch up on my mail - great after battling yesterday for 3 hours to find someone who would let me use his Internet - without luck.

Tonight we are invited to a small party organised by Bernardo. Apparently it's also his birthday tomorrow, so we will celebrate that tonight, too. Sorry, Olivier cannot drink, you know all those anti-biotics and all that. Maybe, I will have a drink for a change!

So, our schedule is now a bit behind. I guess we will start to move again on Friday. I suspect that it may be a while before we are able to get to an Internet cafe again - probably Palenque, Mexico will be the next place in about 6 to 8 days time. Olivier has told me (more than once) about the magic mushrooms that we will eat and experience in Palenque. Soooooo, my writings might be a bit craaazzzzyyyy there. Oh no, don't get scared!


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