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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Within a few hours we had our visas.

After breakfast we headed to the embassy of Mali. They were open and within an hour and a half we had our visas. Next to the embassy of Cameroon. Again the whole process went smoothly. Within a few hours we had our visas. What is going on - the bureaucratic battles that we thought we would have to wage just didn't materialise.

We left our passports overnight at the Nigerian embassy. We had decided that we would do one refuelling stop in Nigeria only. Technically, for a quick 2-hour stop a visa is not needed, but if, for some reason we landed up having to stay overnight in Nigeria, they may lock us up or confiscate our aircraft. We decided it best to take no chances with crossing Nigeria.

We went to the Civil Aviation Authority for Morocco and met the appropriate people to approve our flight further south. Everyone has to be notified the police, the military, the airport authorities it takes time, so, we expect to only get the clearances next week.

Home as the sun set. Zena is definitely crazy.

We have met a few crazies on this trip mostly humans.


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