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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

I had my left ear pierced. Heyyyy!

Let the battle begin! Olivier spent some hours on the phone (everyone speaks French here – very few Moroccans speak English) trying to call the embassies.

At about midday we went by taxi to the embassy of Mauritania. They insisted that they need a flight authorisation number from their Civil Aviation Authority before they would give us a visa. Once we have that they will issue us the visas pronto. We called Base Ops in England and asked them to get the authorisation and fax it to us as soon as possible. Maybe Monday!

Next to the embassy of Mali. It was closed, it looked deserted.

I had my left ear pierced. Heyyyy!

Then to the Internet café to update our log and check for mail.

Home to a shower, food and sleep. The dog, Zena, is crazy.


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