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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Just some carb-icing

The two fabulous microlights seemed to be as happy as we were, to hit the "road" again. They are incredible machines! Since Buenos Aires, we have not experienced a single problem with the two Rotax engines. Not even a single hick up. We had some carburettor icing on few occasions that gave us some waves of cold shivers, but that's all. Mike still has problems with his almost non-existent braking system and lately some radio problems as it got wet one night during a heavy tropical storm. On my side, I have no complaints with the "old" Voyageur. I just had some cracks on the exhaust system, welded it in Chile some weeks ago, and now again, the same problem, cracks starting again. I'll keep an eye on it until we find a stainless steel welding workshop. Nothing really bad enough to talk about.


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