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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

So far, we are delighted with our 2 Rotax 912S's but..

…except for the fuel consumption. These two beasts are drinking much more than the pilots! We had to drastically cut on our beer and wine budget in order to save bucks to feed these two monster babies.. Perhaps, if we could have anticipated the chapter of fuel efficiency, we might have stuck to the conventional 912 Rotax's with 80 HP instead of the new 100 HP. Compared with the previous expedition in Africa we are using over 20% more petrol. We burn around 15 litres each for every flying hour. Besides the extra cost, our main concern is the sea crossings ahead of us. Scary! We will have to make serious plans about extra fuel transportation and also the in-flight system & connections that goes with it. But otherwise, these engines are as brave as the old ones and seem to have the same degree of reliability and low maintenance schedules.


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