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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Costa Rica is actually a pretty wise example for the world.

I was wondering and asking around if anyone knew about another country in this troubled world where there was no army. Nobody could answer and as I scanned all the countries and pictured them in my thoughts, continent after another I came to the point that Costa Rica was the only one without such a handicap. Even the "holy" Vatican has one: The Swiss Guard! They actually look more like clowns than special unit forces. I always imagined that the real believers would have no fears whatsoever. When you have God in you or next to you, you are untouchable. I concluded that religious spirits are finally more scared of Life than normal souls.. They might have done something wrong somehow perhaps..  A lot of people think that Switzerland has no army: wrong! As a Swiss myself I can tell you. I escaped that primitive institution just after escaping Church and just before they started brainwashing me. So even the Swiss "model", one of the most modern democracies needs these green marionettes. So we must really admire and respect this unique political outlook of Costa Rica. This appears to me to be the most surprising and positive & hopeful characteristic of any of the countries we went through. The people of Costa Rica are extremely gentle and easy going, like everywhere in Latin America so far. Perhaps Costa Ricans do not seem as "naughty" and extrovert as the average Colombians and Brazilians, but they are very kind and peaceful. It somehow brings a real good sensation to feel that you can go anywhere, anytime of the night without having to wear a bullet proof jacket and carry machine gun. This country is often called the Switzerland of Central America. The Swiss should be proud to be compared with Costa Rica. Mike feels that comfort of security even more than I do. And I am sure he does. Johannesburg is one of the planet's most unsafe cities and people living there are dealing with permanent risk - which is a great loss of liberty.


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