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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

...landed in Millers Field State Park.

Took off at about 11:30am after waiting for the local press and Channel 4 TV to interview us.
Flew from Woodbine to Linden airport, New York. Good tailwind (40 km/h), low clouds and small pockets of rain. The flight was good in that we had a tailwind but not that marvelous in that there was low cloud, strong wind and rain here and there. Approaching New York from the south along the coast is not too difficult as far as dealing with the airspace and air traffic. We kept away from the busy airports of JFK, Newark and La Guardia. On the flight across the bay towards Staten Island (one of the five boroughs of NY) I spoke to an aircraft near to Linden Airport and the pilot said that is was open over the airport, but it was raining in the south. I told him that we were just going past the rain.
Wrong! The next minute we flew into heavy rain just 15 km before the airport. Olivier was on my right and for a few seconds he disappeared in the rain. Turned back and landed in Millers Field State Park. State park police took statements. After an hour we took off and flew very low over houses and factories to stay out of the clouds. Landed safely at Linden Airport.
Booked into a motel near the airport.

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