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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

The thought of flying across the north Atlantic is quite daunting

A swim in the quite cold Atlantic, a visit to the Wright museum, lunch and the Internet pub again. GW had been to our tent and left 2 really great T-shirts for each of us. Thanks a lot, GW.

Tomorrow we want to go on to New Jersey, where Justin Speer, the Aerotrike dealer for the area has some spares waiting for us. The Aerotrike distributor for the USA and a great friend, Rob Rollison, arranged spares for us.

We are now in the process of trying to get information and insurance for our flight across the North Atlantic. The Danish Civil Aviation want us to have third party and search and rescue insurance before crossing to Greenland or the Faeroe Islands.

Olivier and I are in regular contact with Brian Milton who is the first and only person to fly around the world in a trike. He is giving us valuable help and contacts. I don't know if Brian remembers, but when Olivier and I were having difficulty getting a flight permit from the Greek CAA in 1995, BaseOps, who do our permissions, suggested we phone Brian and ask him how he managed to get a flight permit from the Greeks when he flew to Australia. I called him in France where he was living at the time and he suggested that we file a flight plan from Egypt to Malta, with the alternate airport being Iraklion, Crete. As it turned out, we didn't need to use this tactic, the Egyptians were quite happy to see us fly out over the Mediterranean.

The thought of flying across the north Atlantic is quite daunting. Only 2 trike pilots have done it before, one being Brian Milton. We will need a lot of fuel and good survival gear. As we progress, I will detail what we take and do.



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