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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Somehow managed to eat a whole chilli at dinner...nearly killed me.

Guido woke me up at 6:30 am to ask me for a quick bit of dual instruction on my digital camera. I could not bear the thought of flying around in the back seat taking pictures of bits of real estate that he wants to sell, definitely not in my condition. I think I have malaria, or maybe Cholera! I can really look scary some mornings, so I avoid looking at myself in the mirror just to be sure that I don't get depressed. It's easy to get depressed this way.

I got back into bed for 1 minute after Guido had left with my camera and his own hangover, when I changed my mind and quickly got dressed to join him in the trike for the photo shoot.

After breakfast and a swim I continued assembling my trike and by midday was well enough to take it for a test flight. I am happy now to continue with our journey after having checked the whole trike.

Dinner and early to bed.

I somehow managed to eat a whole chilli at dinner. Sometimes those things can be very hot. This one nearly killed me. I'm a bit worried about my bum tomorrow!


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