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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

When all else fails read the manual!

I worked the whole day on my trike. The carb rubbers had split which explained why the engine was running so badly at idle. I was starting to wonder about our decision to fit these 100 hp engines. Sorry Josef (he's the boss of Rotax Aircraft Engines). The mistake I had made was to overtighten the carb rubbers. When all else fails read the manual! Also, I drained a lot of junk out of the fuel tank and I fixed some wiring and taped up the water radiator a bit more and basically I kind of pottered around.

After dinner Guido, Olivier, Jose and I sat at the pool listening to music and imbibing in whatever was passed around. The little sh*ts (I call them sh*ts - they are the same tiny little flying nit things that you can hardly see, except for their huge teeth! They attacked us in Colombia for the first time…) started to attack us in waves. They obviously liked our blood a whole lot more as the evening progressed – so we moved into my cabin where our conversation about men things continued - like perfume, false nails, hairdo's, shoes and fashion in general.


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