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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Olivier laughed about how good the Argentinean meat 

We woke late (8 am) and continued with the preparation of Olivier's trike. By lunchtime it was in the air. It had quite a strong turn to the left and we were forced to bend the battens quite a bit to compensate. The wing is called the Ellipse and looks a bit like the La Mouette Ghost 14.9. The cruising speed is about 100 km/h and the handling is quite light. Although it was overcast, the weather was warm and the wind mild. I spent the majority of the day trying to improve the installation of the Lightspeed intercom in my BMW helmet.

Lots of visitors popped in to visit us and wish us luck. There were long debates about our route many favour the Brazilian route. Olivier and I listened to all the opinions with interest and decided to hold over our decision on which route to take for a few more days. Many pilots felt we wouldn't easily get over the Andes. Also, they advised us to be very careful (mostly of the police) in Colombia, Peru, and El Salvador.

In the evening I went with Santiago to town to send an e-mail and when we returned, the fire was going for what we thought was a great fillet. When we unwrapped the meat we found it to be a huge thin piece. Olivier had a laughing attack and the more Santiago tried to explain how good the Argentinean meat was the more Olivier laughed. We rolled garlic, onions and peppers in it before putting it on the barbecue. Ag ya Boet, it was lekker!


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