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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

We set about opening Olivier's trike crate and unloading all his kit

Olivier has again taken on the role of "kitchen king" – which suits me as his ability to make great food from just the very basics has always amazed me. After a cup of coffee we had nothing for breakfast… we had no food with us, however, the diet didn't last long - the food in Argentina is plentiful and good.

We set about opening Olivier's trike crate and unloading all his kit. Soon the wheels were on and the engine ready for it's first run.

In the evening we went to town with Santiago. The nearest town is Lujan, 20 km away. It's a small town of 80,000 people. Lujan has the largest church (cathedral) on the American continent. In the local museum is an aircraft (a Dornier, called the "Plus Ultra") which Ramon Franco flew across the Atlantic in 1926. Although Charles Lindbergh was the first pilot to fly non-stop across the Atlantic (in his aircraft named "Spirit of St Louis"), it was Ramon Franco who flew across the Atlantic first (with a few stops).

We were amazed at how many people were wandering around. The local pastime is to drive or walk around the streets. Noise and pollution are not big issues in this part of the world. We decided to taste the meat, as Argentina is well known for its beef. We were served a huge platter of meat. There were strange looking rings which turned out to be fried intestines (imagine fried leather!) and a fat black sausage which was made from blood and ground ears and other interesting bits. Everything was tasty, but quite tough.


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