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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

OK, the rule is ….. do exactly what ATC tell us to do!!!

The wind was gone, the sky was clear, but still cold. By 9 am we were in the air on our way northwards. The airstrip where we had taken off from was at a height of about 1000ft asl ….. the entire coastline was covered in mist. No problem, we followed the hills that stuck out of the mist until about 50km from Conception where the ATC directed us over the shoreline. Neither of us were happy with this – the nearest visible land was about 5km away. We requested a route inland away from the mist but there was a Boeing 737 doing an ILS approach in that area. After we were past Conception we were kept along the coast by the ATC …. We soon saw why – a Boeing 727 shot out of the mist directly to our right about 1 km away. OK, the rule is ….. do exactly what ATC tell us to do!!!

After a while we moved inland and climbed to 4000 ft. That was more comfortable.

We had been in the air for 4 hours and I decided that it was definitely time for the toilet. I loosened my seat belts enough for me to move, released my drinking hose to hang down the side of the trike and after a struggle (in the cold) managed to get Willy (notice the capital W) out and relieved myself down the pipe. Whew…. The next problem was to find Olivier again.

We landed at Santo Domingo near to San Antonio on the coast to a frosty reception from the chap who looks after the weather station and the airstrip.  Nice job – there is probably never any traffic because the runway and buildings are a bit dilapidated. We made camp next to the runway and relaxed in the last few hours of sunlight. We did some washing and had a shower under the tap in the garden next to the little office building. Olivier went to the shop to buy some food and get fuel. He arrived back with a huge steak and some charcoal.


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