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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Our week in Geneva……we had an incredible time...

Our week in Geneva……we had an incredible time with Andre and Martine Sacoun. Great friends, great hospitality, Hemmingway wrote about times like these. Miles took Greg into the Alps near to Mont Blanc. Michel and Anne came to dinner and stayed over. Antoine and Antonella drove down from Paris to visit for a few days. (Antoine is the friend and artist who designed our expedition logo.) Manuella visited for a few days. Had dinner with Olivier's Parents … really great people. Roger, Olivier's father, sang a song about great friendship for us. They also visited us at Andre and Martine's place. Met, ate and drank and socialised with many other friends. Had a great lunch with Mario and Ninette. Andre Boder took us rock-climbing one day – a great experience.

Looked at slides until we felt really ill. Imagine that … getting seasick looking at slides through a little magnifying glass. We have some really great slides – more than 3,000 so far!

Thanks Andre and Martine for your incredible generosity, hospitality and friendship.

Rae and Carol Henderson have a son, Timothy. Yeaahhh … another Hoenderpoep! Congratulations.


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