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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Maybe there are a few pilots who would like to fly with us?

Visas, develop photos, send back survival suit, plan the rest of the route through Africa, buy food and cooking stuff, arrange money.

Money, money, money. Damn stuff, why does it slide so easily through ones fingers, but is so difficult to obtain. We are often asked how we finance our trip ….. well, if you would like to know, then I will tell you sometime soon…. (Did you notice that I like to use dots a lot……………………………………….?)

About the visas - first is Morocco. There are a few crazy countries in Africa that I will talk about after we have successfully passed through them. If I talk about them now and someone in the country reads about it before our arrival, we could have a very tough time! Anyway we need a lot of visas and papers for some countries to make sure we do not spend Christmas in a nice happy, comfortable African jail.

We have decided to head down Africa along the west coast. On our 1995 Cape to Cape expedition we went up the centre and east of Africa – this time we will stay west. Our route through Africa will take us through the following countries; Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo Brazzaville, Dem. Rep. of Congo (ex Zaire), Angola, Namibia and good old South Africa and then hopefully a big fat partyyyyyyy! We expect to reach Cape Town at the end of November --- yes, this year!

By the way, Olivier and I were thinking it would be the right thing to do our final landing at DF Malan airport …. Anyone with any thoughts on the matter? Put a note on the chat board if you get a chance.

Also, maybe there are a few pilots who would like to fly with us for the last few days down the west coast. Let us know – use the chat board.

We will confirm the details a bit nearer the time, but after a short stop in Cape Town we will then fly up to Johannesburg (the crazy place is home for me), so maybe there are a few other pilots who would like to join us for that flight …. Well, it's just a thought! Finally, I am sure we will have another big fat partyyyyyyyy in Johannesburg, too.

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