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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

I took Charmaine and Alexandra to Heathrow.

I took Charmaine and Alexandra to Heathrow to catch their flight back to South Africa very early. I was very sad to see them leave - the last two weeks have been a really special time for us it was 5 months since I left SA for Argentina and sometimes it takes a break like this to make one realise just how lucky you are. Our time together is kind of personal, so I will not go into details here!

For the first few days Mara, Charmaine's mother, managed to arrange complimentary accommodation at the famous Angel Posting House Hotel in Guildford for us. For most of the rest of our time in London we stayed with Mara and Peter. During our two weeks we were also fortunate enough to have our good friends, Reiner and Heide Marie, visit us from Berlin for a few days of fun and laughter.

On about the 20th August, I flew with my daughter Alexandra to meet Olivier, Keith Reynolds (who flew halfway around the world with Brian Milton last year) and an old friend, Nigel Beale, the owner of the Rotax distributorship in the UK. Nigel had correctly diagnosed Olivier's hard starting problem and drove all the way to Medway to help us.

So, coming to terms with the fact that Charmaine and Alexandra were on their way home, I started focussing on the things that we needed to prepare for the flight to France. We refuelled the trike and I fixed the second headset for Gregory (my son) to wear. The final packing I would do just before leaving.

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