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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

It was the worst visibility we had to deal with so far...

We took off for the flight to the glider airfield at Husbands Bosworth. The weather was not good, it was raining lightly in parts and with very low cloud and fog banks we had a tough time keeping each other in sight. Because of my radio problem I flew in front with Olivier flying just behind me. Every time he lost sight of me he was able to tell me. It was the worst visibility we had to deal with so far on this expedition. After a few hours the clouds lifted and the fog disappeared. Olivier flew over his friends' house and within a few minutes David arrived. We went off with David to his house where we had a bath, did some washing and enjoyed a great lunch with David and his wife Kathleen.

At about 6pm, I set off on my own. Olivier was to stay on with David and Kathleen while I went on to Surrey, near London. Olivier and I will meet again in about 2 weeks time somewhere over France after my wife Charmaine and our daughter, Alexandra, return to SA.

My mother-in-law Mara and friends Gabby and Nick were waiting for me at Popham airfield when I landed at 8 pm. After an enthusiastic welcome, I removed the wing and we set off for home in Ashtead.


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