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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

I am getting a bit nervous about the flight.

I am getting a bit nervous about the flight. They say the water temperature is 2 degrees C. Once we start flying again I will settle down.

The weather is still bad. It's is OK here (overcast at 1500 ft, 10 knots wind, 10 km vis) but at Broughton it is raining and the ceiling is 400 ft. Winds aloft are 25 knots. It doesn't look too much better tomorrow.

Mid morning we went to the airport to clean Olivier's carbs and fix his brakes. We had to cut the outer luff lines off my wing to use for his brake cables worked perfectly. Made new end pieces for the end battens on my wing.

Cold and miserable all day, later it rained, wind not too bad. Temperature went up to 7 degrees C today. Goodie!

Olivier bought another more substantial balaclava to keep his brain warm in flight. I hope he can still see and fly with all the things he now has for warmth. I will take a pic of him in his outfit to put on the web page.

We are now really ready for the next days of flying. The aircraft fuel consumption is down and the total tank size is now 150 litres each! I guess we could do about 1,100 km!

Olivier has been cooking really great meals (as always) while we have been here in Iqaluit. Tonight we are having steak and Belgian lettuce wrapped in bacon. You wouldn't say that we are as poor as we are if you watched our diet over the last few days. Oh yes, O says he is trying to build up a fat layer on both of us for the Big Cold Flight.


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