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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

A good Canadian breakfast!

We had breakfast with Cam McGreggor. Pancakes, sausage slices, maple syrup, fresh blueberries and coffee. A good Canadian breakfast!

Off to the airport to fuel up, get the latest weather reports, charge my handheld radio batteries, check our paperwork, patch Olivier's wing. Sent a fax to Greenland asking what the landing fees and after hour fees are. Caught up on our mail.

Later in the afternoon Olivier, Adamee and I went to the Discovery for a beer. There were some sorry looking local Inuit in the bar drinking. It seems the women go as crazy on alcohol as the men. The law up here for alcohol is unusual in that it is not possible to buy any alcohol except in a hotel or if you order it from the south . Even then it is rationed. A fair percentage of Inuit have a drinking problem that the authorities are trying to control.


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