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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

I was not yet able to comprehend that I was in South America

Just so that you have this straight Olivier and I have decided that DAY 1 of the expedition will be the day we actually start flying.

This is day minus 10 about . Olivier arrived in Buenos Aires on Saturday the 13th March and via e-mail told me he would collect me from the airport when I arrived.

After a 12-hour flight we touched down at Buenos Aires International airport. In Johannesburg the airport security had removed some screwdrivers from my tool kit explaining that they were dangerous weapons it took me an additional half-hour to locate them in Buenos Aires. Olivier was not there to meet me and I felt disappointed.

After the hectic previous few months I was not yet able to fully comprehend that I was actually in South America but the reality set in when I tried to ask where I could buy a phone card and no one could understand me.

Suddenly Olivier appeared out of the crowd and jumped on me. After an enthusiastic and cheerful re-union we set off for the center of Buenos Aires.

 Edgardo, who is a microlight and gyrocopter pilot, put us up (on the floor) in a flat above his business. Within minutes we were back on the street wandering around, looking for something interesting and different. We found a square where couples were dancing the Tango to music from a mobile disco. We were shocked at the price of beer.

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