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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

A kind of Magic!

This morning we walked early to the taxi station and went to the Maya ruins of Palenque. We were about the very first tourists on the spot but the park entry was still closed. We decided to get a full breakfast at the restaurant near the gate while the park wardens were busy moving on slowly towards their working day. While we were waiting for the restaurant to get moving on our breakfast I wandered into the field nearby and picked some mushrooms that looked a lot like the ones my father and mother pick in the forests near Geneva.  I then asked the grumpy kitchen girl to add the mushrooms to the omelette. Mike looked a bit nervous.

We then went to the site and discovered these incredible pyramids that the Mayas built in the middle of the jungle some 1400 years ago. Astonishing! About one hour later, walking around the stone monuments, we started to feel a little funny and special. Mike said he thought his feet were moving away from his body. I nearly had a heart attack laughing. Colours went bright, sounds became intense, and our mood got real mellow and contemplative. Probably the Magic effects of the place edging on our senses. Or were those mushrooms not the ones my parents eat. If my parents eat those exact same ones, I really must visit them more often.


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