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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Next good stop will be Mexico

Well I think I have been catching up quite a bit on stories since we got to the coast of Costa Rica. I don't really feel like reading all these entries in case I feel like deleting the whole lot. But I promise that next time I won't be talking so much about my ears.. Not such an interesting subject after all. We are going back to the crocodile Lodge early tomorrow and will be flying up north again on Sunday 6th of June. We both feel like it is about time to move again. Next important stop will be Palenque in southern Mexico, where Maya ruins stand in the wet jungle. Another great experience ahead.

We have really shared an incredible lapse of time since departing from Buenos Aires and our friendship is getting stronger after every flight. We are a perfect team for such an adventure. Thanks Mike for all these excellent vibes of yours! And let's get flying again!


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