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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Flight for a vacuum cleaner.. 

Sergio the friendly president of the Microlight association was at San Jose Pavas airport, waiting for us. We parked the trike in a hangar and went to town. Sergio had already arranged an appointment for me at this point of time. People are really spontaneous, it is incredible. All Latin America seems like that. In my country, only my close friends would act in this way.  The Doc on the coast was not an Ear specialist and Andre my friend in Geneva called me the other day, advising me to look for the right guy and right equipment. Andre is one of the top Swiss Ear, Nose & Throat experts said that I needed that micro vacuum cleaner to get my ear nicely cleaned if I wanted quick results. The specialist I visited in San Juan had an old machine but he perfectly knew how to use it without puncturing my ear drum.. It was a delightful feeling. I went down the street to the nearest pharmacy and got properly smashed with the invoice. Penicilin is very costly in Costa Rica. But health has no price.


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