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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

The country of shining eyes.

Colombia is a mind-blowing country! All the Magic of South America seems to be concentrated here.

We are now about to cross the Andes again heading for the Pacific coast and Panama. I was here in Cali in 1979 and never forgot how good it was. I love the Colombians and the way they are, their music, the climate, and the kind of dangerous legends that go with it. The flying guys in Cali are extremely great people. Since we arrived, we have been looked after like we are part of their families. Thanks to Randy Hurtado, and his mum for having taking us in their wonderful home outside Cali and looking after us so sweetly. These are times and persons we will never forget.

Days went fast here, but we managed to do a lots of things and enjoy the nightlife - especially the crazy night we spent with "El Gato" (The Cat), test driving some of the hottest places in Cali. El Gato is a real character, full of life and passion. His driving too is quite passionate. He mainly gets active during the night, and that's why everyone calls him "The Cat".

Cali has a world reputation for the beauty of its women. That is real true and confirmed. We can confirm that point. In this field, (sorry Argentina!) Colombia got the number one place. This is quite disturbing at first arrival and fascinating all along. But what is the most incredible are the eyes of the Colombians. Very shining and smiling. Great people!


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