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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Hard to say Goodbye..

Just by chance, the local Aero Club was in a special media meeting when we popped down from the sky. The local TV was there to make a broadcast about the activities of the club, and to promote these activities. We enjoyed a very welcoming kind of arrival. The TV interviewed us as well and we became the honoured guests of the afternoon.

The day after, we sadly dropped off our smiling passenger Huenu with great regrets. We had to kind of "lie" to the authorities and landed unknown to them near another military base on a private airfield, approaching very low level. We said goodbye and went on. Our trio was perfect during these last few days. Huenu became part of our expedition and the very first passenger we ever took on part of our trips, including the Cape to Cape in 1995. She was easy going, "all terrain" and always happy and satisfied. So we had to make a quick touch and go and look forward to Ecuador... Sometimes I hate saying Goodbye...


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