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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Ready to Rock and Roll!

Back to Lima from a 3-day trip to the Inca valleys, we are ready to fly again. We did not really miss our toys but we love to be going again. Friends are waiting for us in Colombia and we have to move on in order to arrive in the North of North America at the right time - before next winter. We managed to send some stuff to the North of Peru and will take our first passenger on some legs of the trip, up to Puerto Ruinas right at the border of Ecuador. Huenu, that young and bright Argentinean girl who became our "little Sister" (kind of) will take the passenger seat on the Cobra. My trike will be the cargo plane and carry extra equipment from Mike. It's the very first time that we will take someone with us during certain stages of the trip. Even in the 1995 Cape to Cape Expedition we did not. The problem had always been the large amount of stuff we carry - no place for anyone. This change is going to be fun! Habits have to be shaken... Monday we will fly about 600 km and land somewhere on a beach for the night. We should reach the border in 3 days. We organized some "Gato Negro" to make the evenings a little more enjoyable (Gato Negro is one of the good Chilean Red Wines that also gave a name to my Email address).

This trip is f mind blowing!

Next news from Ecuador in a few days... Thanks for following us!


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