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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

The Luxury if Time...

The days we spent in the Andes, far from the coast and far from our 2 flying mopeds were just great and special. It is really fantastic to turn to something else and forget about the flying now and then. That is what makes us attempt such an experience again. I remember well those guys from Britain that flew around the world last year in a very short time. They even split up in Russia before the end of the trip and the last pilot to reach UK said that he would never do such a flight again.. I think that it's a pity because traveling with this mode of transport (trike microlights) is very pleasant (or very turbulent.. but rarely boring..) and extremely amusing if you take a little bit of time to stop and do something else, meeting with people and having a good look at some of the countries we come across. Coming from the sky gives some special status and surprising privileges sometimes too. But the British guys had to beat a record time. They had to fly 500 km every day to keep up with their target. We do an average of 200 km a day. Anyway, we take time and have the chance to do very special things and share incredible experiences together and with others. Having time (taking time!) and being healthy, are some of THE real luxuries of Life.


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