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Olivier's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

The two best performing trikes in the world

In the cold valleys of the Andes…
We have definitely fallen in Love with Argentina… The country is incredibly pretty, varying with changing landscapes. Even the long hours over the Pampa were never boring. It has always something to catch the eyes and hearts. But Argentina without the Argentineans would not be the exciting and vibrant country it is.

As getting to Chile across the Andes became one of the serious concerns of the last pre-flight days in Buenos Aires we decided to give it a very special and careful preparation and planing. Our first plan, crossing the Andes from Mendoza direct to Santiago, had to be changed for a few good reasons. The need of oxygen, the extreme cold and head winds would have made it very difficult if not almost impossible. Wisely, the local pilots advised us to get a little South were the mountains are lower and easier to cross. But a little distance here still means a hell of lot of miles. This country is gigantic. As is the enthusiasm and hospitality of its inhabitants.

On last Saturday we eventually got started. The 2 machines very well prepared and ready for hard work. We had to send about 20 kilos of equipment back to Europe, as well as our life rafts to the States. Too much stuff and no more place to pack it.

We left Bs As (Buenos Aires) escorted by two ultralights on the first 100 km. I was quite excited to be able to cruise next to the Blue Rans Coyote and being even able to overtake him with a slight pull on the bar. Our trikes were definitely the best possible machines we could have wished for. They are strong, robust, fast and powerful. Very powerful. These two microlights powered with the new 912 S Rotax are probably the two best performing trikes in the world. 100 HP is a lot on such light machine and the climbing rate is very impressive.

In three legs and 16 hours we are now in the little mountain village of St Martin de Los Andes. We are waiting for the weather to change so that we can move 100 km southwards to Bariloche where we will be able to clear customs and fly over the Andes into Chile and the Pacific coast.


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