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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

In the evening we had a few beers...

The weather looked good when I looked out of the tent. It didn't last long by 8am dark clouds were moving in from the west and the wind was picking up. We moved the trikes into the lee of a large abandoned hangar and headed into the airport building in search of coffee and a place to brush our teeth.

The cold front and resulting strong winds, freezing rain and low temperatures were with us all day. In the afternoon we checked the weather in the briefing office again and were told that there was a snowstorm 150 miles to the north just where we needed to go.

We used the time to do some engine and aircraft maintenance and catch up on our daily logs. I checked distances and times. We have now flown just about 20,000 km in 215 hours. The hours logged include warm up and taxi time. I guess our average speed for the expedition so far is about 95 km/h. It's better than our Cape to Cape expedition where our average was about 87 km/h.

In the evening we had a few beers with the pilots and crew of the Canadair fire bomber. These pilots are like fighter pilots probably one of the only times a pilot can really fly the aircraft like a fighter.


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