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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Olivier was at home yakking away in French.

After a cup of coffee and a sad goodbye to Lisa, Jerry, Brud, Linda and Noel, we took off for Bangor and hopefully this time Canada. Lisa in particular had helped us a lot she sponsored the rental car, phone calls and quite a few dinners. Thanks guys.

It felt good to be on the move again after such a long stop. It took us an hour to get to Bangor. While I called Mike Walker at Aviation Engines in South Africa to try to get more information on the oscillating oil pressure problems I and sometimes, Olivier, were having, Olivier filed a flight plan for St Georges, Canada.

After a 2-hour flight we landed at the little airport of St Georges, where immigration officials were waiting for us. They really loved my visa!

We went into town for some lunch to discover that everyone speaks French .. only French. And suddenly we felt like we were in Europe somewhere. The attitudes and culture are so different to the United States' culture and attitudes. Olivier was at home yakking away in French.

At 6 pm we flew the 65 km to Aeroport St-Lambert, near to Quebec City. Jacques Gagne and his delightful girlfriend Francoise were there to meet us.


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