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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Independance Day (USA).

Olivier and I decided that Independence Day would be the perfect time to go to the Statue of Liberty. Well, so did all the other tourists in the immediate vicinity (200-mile radius) of New York. The crowds persuaded us that we would just fly around it instead. Tomorrow!
We wandered around the Twin Towers (World Trade Centre) at street level and counted the floors 107!
The intention was to walk to Central Park but after about an hour walking in the heat waiting for it at 40 degrees C, we ran underground to the Metro and took a break in an air-conditioned train.
Central Park was alive with roller skaters, runners, some bands, and more strange people. It's a huge open park in the middle of Manhattan Island. Late in the afternoon Olivier had a sleep in the sun on the lawn and I wandered around the streets nearby. Some of the places are famous landmarks. Trump Towers, Time and Life, Radio City Music Hall, Avenue of the Americas, Broadway, Rockerfella Plaza, and lots more that I cannot remember now (that I have to write it down). I read somewhere that nicotine helps you with your memory cells. I need to take up smoking more seriously.
Later at sunset, we walked to the east bank of Manhattan Island near 40th Street, and stood with about 1 million other New Yorkers and visitors and watched the traditional 4th of July fireworks that are set off from barges anchored in the river. Quite a sight.

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