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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

First Flight airfield in the town of Kill Devil Hills

The weather looked great. Low clouds were starting to develop as we got airborne, but the weather radar showed clear skies ahead of us. The tail wind was a delight. I had reprogrammed my GPS to give me readings in knots and nautical miles . at times we were doing a ground speed of 72 knots.

After a few hours of really enjoyable flying, we landed at a small airfield called Ocean Isle. We were now in North Carolina. We have already passed through about six states.

As I passed over the top of the airfield I saw a trike parked near to the hangars. Ronny and Johnny each had a trike. The undercarriages are American made, but the wings are Wizard wings from Australia. Ronnie asked me to take his trike for a flight and give him my opinion. It was very light but it flew really well. I had some difficulty dealing with the turbulence near the ground.

We had lunch together and after refuelling, took to the skies again. Next stop Kitty Hawk where the Wright Brothers first flew. The weather improved and the tailwind picked up.

We landed at Ocracoke Island for a break and so that I could change maps. 20 Km further on we passed Ocracoke lighthouse, the largest in the US. This lighthouse had to be saved from falling into the Atlantic, so it is now in the process of being moved on rails about 100 metres inland.

Next to First Flight airfield in the town of Kill Devil Hills is the Wright brother's monument and museum. We flew around the monument taking pics before landing. Later we walked around the monument to Olivier and I the spots where the Wright brothers first flew is very special. It was only 96 years ago that the first powered aircraft flew and only for 12 seconds. Now we are able to fly across continents with little personal aircraft that are like flying motorbikes!

Two local pilots, Claus and Troy, joined us for beers and healthy Thai food.

I tried to sleep on the tarmac near the parked aircraft, but the mosquitoes drove me into the tent.


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