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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

We took off and flew back into Mexico.

I was not well. A really bad stomach. I staggered around the beach naked getting sick every now and then. Maybe it was the shrimps, or the water, who knows . I felt awful. I lay on the beach in the shallow waves and let the sun and the water heal me. Well, no, it didn't do anything, but it was cool and I wanted to tan my Willy some more anyway.

Mid morning Olivier flew off to the nearest town for some coffee.  I slept.

When he returned, he flew directly over me and threw something down on me it was his pants. So now the maniac is flying naked. Did he leave from town like that, were there girls that saw him? I was actually too sick to care much.

At about 2 pm I managed to get packed and into the trike and safely into the air. It was definitely my most difficult flight, fighting sleep, dizziness and nausea. At one time I opened my helmet and leant out as far as possible and got sick. Yuk! It was by this time just water, but still it was messy.

By the time we landed at Matamoros I was feeling much better. We cleared customs and immigration in Mexico and took off for Brownsville, Texas, USA.

At Brownsville, the immigration guy told Olivier that he didn't have a visa and so had to pay $170 and still go to the border by taxi, or go back to Matamoros or go to the border from the Mexican side and pay $6. We voted on the $6 and just ahead of a huge storm, took off and flew back into Mexico.

Slept on the tarmac in the aircraft parking area.


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